Mavericks Storm Entertainment is a London based film and animation production company founded in 2006 by award-winning writer-director Mono Ghose. With an extensive background in screenwriting, our USP is an unrelenting focus on storytelling, upon which we build visually stunning worlds – resulting in commercials and films that inspire and influence people.

The name Mavericks - was chosen by Mono after a trip to the big wave surf spot in Northern California, which is famous for daring young surfers tackling giants waves to have the best ride whilst respecting Mother Nature’s ferocity. For us Mavericks stands for people who do not follow the crowd and aren’t afraid to take on big challenges and the push the boundaries of what is possible. We love exploring and going on journeys and we want to know what is beyond the mountain, the sea and the horizon.


Mono Ghose is an award-winning British screenwriter and director born and raised in South London. After studying at Dulwich College, and then an MA (Hons) in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths University, he founded Mavericks Storm Entertainment in 2006 to deliver his vision of storytelling for brands. In 2018, Mono was awarded a script writing development deal with Creative England/BFI to develop his indie feature film Night Run - which is currently in development. Mono was also commissioned by Spil Games in Holland to originate and develop a branching narrative game for mobile gaming, which has been released in the Apple store in November 2018. Mono also secured a deal with ITV for his critically acclaimed documentary film Corner Kings that he directed, which is now being developed into a TV drama. The pilot script recently won a prestigious US screenplay competition at Cinequest Film Festival. Mono's earlier short film, Lost Bullets, was shot on location in Colombia, and reached the Oscars Long List in 2012, and was selected in the Official Selection at ten leading festivals including Foyle. It won best director and film in Mexico and is now on iTunes and is distributed by Shorts International, with the feature film currently in development. Mono recently directed a Shakespeare short film adaptation and 2 feature and TV pilots - which you can watch in the Film section. Two of Mono's TV pilots that he wrote are under option, one with an LA based company and another with a national broadcasting company in Europe. Mono also freelances working as a narrative writer with game companies.

When he's not working in film, Mono is really passionate about literature, travel, sports, gaming, astrophysics and flamenco guitar (and most things Spanish!).

For direct or freelance commissions please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.


With our award winning in-house screenwriting team, we are in a unique position to write original scripts for our client's commercials or films, or help develop their existing creative into more powerful narratives ready for production. 


Mavericks Storm Entertainment creates world-class 3D animation, VR, motion-graphics and high-speed projects for brands and agencies. We have recently signed award-winning 3D artists OFICINA, and SFX/Tabletop specialists MIRAGE. We also have signed industry-leading, award-winning character animation studio 3Bohemians who specialise in high end animation and character design. With our teams working closely with narrative writer/director Mono Ghose on development, we ensure our client's story and message is communicated by our artist's final creative work. Please get in touch directly to discuss your content requirements:


Oscar Long List 2012 – Lost Bullets
Winner Golden Palm for Directing, Mexico IFF – Mono Ghose
Winner Best Film – Mexico IFF
Official Selection Foyle plus 10 other Official Selections - Lost Bullets
Winner – Best TV screenplay, Cinequest 2015 – Mono Ghose


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