Adidas Commercial - ‘I Wear It All’

Commercial written and directed by Mono Ghose, about accepting the losses in sports and life to become a champion. Starring pro-boxer Luke “The Duke” Watkins and renowned trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick.


Produced in-house by Mavericks, we developed a story that was unafraid to challenge stereotypes surrounding victory and winning - largely that failure was something to be ashamed of and men supposedly heroic men should not be vulnerable. We believe that’s old thinking, and wanted to create a story for a huge brand that challenged this staid narrative and status quo - and more importantly, showed that true victory comes from learning from failure. That’s why Rocky was so ahead of it’s time, it was never about the win inside the ring, it was the fight for life and love outside that mattered. And somehow we have forgotten, in the chest-beating sometimes arrogant sports commercial arena that we have become used to. The feedback has been really positive from sports fans, sports people and the press. Here is a link to an article written in the local paper where the featured star boxer is from: Read Article Here

In terms of the shoot, we had already shot a short ITV documentary with Paddy and Luke, at Fitzpatrick’s Gym in Swindon (watch here) and we returned to shoot this commercials over 2 days in the cold late winter. We shot with a large 30 person crew, with state-of-the-art camera tracking, grip gear and filmed the project on the RED Scarlet camera with a set of lovely prime lenses.

The commercial has been watched and shared thousands of times on social media and has been critically acclaimed from the marketing director of the All Blacks and New Zealand Rugby to the marketing and brand team at Adidas, and from other leading brands and agencies. The marketing directors of BioCity loved the commercial so much they commissioned Mavericks to make a commercial for them using a similar storytelling format. (see film here)