Mavericks helps clients tell impactful brand stories using gorgeous, colourful, world-class animation. We offer our clients full character, background and VR animation solutions, from concept to production. We develop the creative in-house, and work closely on the script and storyboard together with our specialist animation team - 3Bohemians to create award-winning, world class 3D animated characters, VR, backgrounds, environments, short films and commercials.

Animation Showreel

 Animation showreel from 3Bohemians, Mavericks' in-house award-winning Animation team from Prague / London.

Sazka Commercial

A sample of a commercial with many ducks but only one actual puppet, in collaboration with an external director, was just as fun making this, as the final piece itself. Our main challenge was to produce this level of quality with a limited number of 3D assets. Close camera shots with really dynamic action has proven effective. The animation team had 4 animators working around the clock over 3 weeks.

Wildfire Crossing!

Our Short Film WILDLIFE CROSSING! is our award winning film, co-directed in collaboration with Anthony Wong from PIXAR. The character animation was done only in 3 weeks working in a large team of animators. All other development and production tasks have been produced under our production.

Poutnik - Short Film

Short film POUTNIK is a personal statement by the director Keith Lango. The story is animated in a 2D/3D technique, which represents a unique way of using 3D tools to deliver animated imagery - which is both artistic and production friendly. By reducing the amount of details and referencing a hand drawn style, reduces labour-intensive tasks and helps the artist focus on their creativity. In this manner, we were able to animate 10 minutes of raw character animation in only two weeks.