Apple Commercial

Commercial developed and produced in-house at Mavericks Storm Entertainment, written and directed by Mono Ghose - about the theme of “sharing” when using new technology.

Our challenge here was to make a piece of technology, which can seem impersonal, more personal and intimate. We worked hard on developing a narrative that would communicate this theme but also feature people, product, place and culture. Sharing is actually something we use our phones for much of the time, even though it may look like we are being reclusive, we are actually sharing special and funny moments with loved ones. We wanted to celebrate this quite incredible benefit of technology - and focused on a handful of diverse stories focusing on people from all backgrounds, countries and ages and shot the ad over two days in London. We edited the ad within a week and graded it with Alex Gregory at The Mill, London and released it a few days later.

We had great feedback on the project and since have had many enquiries from clients who want youth-oriented content with diverse casts and relatable stories.