Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - Presentation Video

In an editing and story development only project - Mavericks create Presentation Video for CiARB, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators which gets thousands of views on LinkedIn on their first day of release (November 2018).



We were given an editing and story development project challenge by Neil Newman the Marketing Director of CiARB, to take hundreds of their still images and logos and make a video within a few days for a big presentation for the executive CiARB team at a prestigious industry conference in the USA.


Mavericks sought an insight and we found out CiARB had a large global presence. We then asked worldwide members to send selfie videos of themselves to us ASAP. That way we edited content rich media vs just still images. together with an established buy-in from engaged members and their own social media networks. It also meant an otherwise static video became more dynamic. We were happy to deliver the project on time and budget ahead of the presentation.


The video had thousands of shares on LinkedIn in the first day, and had a high engagement rate and many positive comments from all around the world!