Mavericks Storm Entertainment is an award-winning narrative driven film production company specialising in brand storytelling. Founded in London, UK in 2006 by Oscar long-listed British writer & director Mono Ghose. Mavericks is a boutique full-service production company that offers brands world class services in story development, directing, producing and editing, all under one roof.

We can help clients write a story from a blank page or develop it from their own creative or previous campaigns, and craft carefully scripted commercials, films, documentaries and brand storytelling content for all levels of brands and agencies.

Our philosophy is to focus on character-driven and story-focused projects and with every film we strive to tell a better story though our belief in impactful storytelling.

Adidas Commercial

90 second online advert written and directed by Mono Ghose, about accepting the losses in sports and life to become a champion. Starring pro-boxer Luke “The Duke” Watkins and renowned corner man Paddy Fitzpatrick. Shot over two days at Fitpatrick’s Boxing Club in Swindon, edited by Martin Macdonald, and graded by Alex Gregory at The Mill, London.

Bio City - Online Video

Commercial written and directed by Mono Ghose, about the start-up journey of a female scientist, and finding the ‘why’ in ‘why we do what we do’. Released in Autumn 2018 for BioCity, a health tech accelerator based at the Boots Company campus in Nottingham, England. The ad reached thousands of people across social media channels with a surge in awareness and applications for the client’s programme.

Clarks - Video Content Marketing

Mavericks create Winter 2018 Promo Video for the Clarks marketing team - highlighting their successes for 2018, such as partnering with the Disney/Marvel movie Black Panther and another project with Land Rover. Clarks were delighted with the video and have commissioned five new projects with Mavericks already!

ITV Sports Documentary - Trailer

Trailer for critically acclaimed short documentary for ITV Sport about the man behind the boxer; the corner man. Following renowned corner man Paddy Fitzpatrick the story focuses on the role of the trainer in a local club, often becoming a surrogate father to kids from difficult family backgrounds, and providing others with guidance and inspiration. Watch the full 15 minute documentary in the Short Films section.

O2 - Video Content Marketing

Produced and creative directed by Mono Ghose and Mavericks Storm Entertainment, Mono selected long-time colleague and leading commercials DOP/cinematographer Luke Palmer from Wizzo London. The video was to promote the Rugby Football Union and England Rugby's Touch Campaign - targeting diverse, casual and new rugby fans who may prefer to engage with a lighter version of the heavy contact sport! The video engaged thousands of viewers across social media and also on match-day screens at the home of English Rugby, Twickenham Stadium.

Apple - Online Video

Commercial developed in-house at Mavericks and written and directed by Mono Ghose, focusing on the human experience of sharing personal moments with friends and family, when using a new, and potentially impersonal, technology

Pot Noodle - Online Video Commercial

Mavericks Storm Entertainment was commissioned by London advertising and digital agency HeyHuman, for their client Pot Noodle/Unilever, to produce and for Mono Ghose to direct, a live-action comedy campaign of 3 x 60” online ads. The hero commercial was filmed with Mono’s long time collaborator and leading Wizzo DOP - Luke Palmer. We helped the agency cast professional actors who worked off the original agency script, in an overt humour style to promote the Pot Noodle brand. The ad was successful, reached millions of people across social media channels and had a high share rate.

 Sky Atlantic - Ident/Promo

Sky Atlantic TV ident shot in Stockholm, Sweden, filmed in a nordic noir thriller style to promote a crime show season. Inspired by Scandi-Crime Fiction like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Killing, we shot the film in a tech-noir style with a strong stylistic approach - and filmed entirely at night on location.

 Nova Sport Idents

Sports Commercial/Idents for a National TV company using Bullet Time slow motion and 360 Array cameras set up. The aim was to blend live-action and motion-graphics into a sleek looking series of idents that communicated the brand’s programming.

Car Animation Commercial 

Sleek, futuristic car commercial using state-of-the-art animation and high-speed cameras.

Wildfire Crossing! - Animated Short Film

Short Film WILDLIFE CROSSING! is our award winning film, co-directed by our animation team 3Bohemians in collaboration with Anthony Wong from PIXAR. The character animation was done in only 3 weeks, working in a large team of animators. All other development and production tasks were produced in-house.