Mono Ghose is now a published poet, after his sonnet was a finalist in the Hedgehog Press UK’s Cupid’s Arrow Competition in April 2019.

Here is the post from the editor at https://www.hedgehogpress.co.uk/

'“We are really proud to announce the results of our ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ competition to find the perfect Love Poem…This has proven to be the most popular competition yet and I’d like to thank everybody who entered for making my life quite so difficult. I’m also really pleased to say that we will be publishing the shortlisted poems in a special edition of Stickleback which will be available in April…”

Mono said, “I’ve been writing poetry for a number of years, and this was the first competition I applied to and managed to get published in the Hedgehog Press forthcoming poetry collection print edition. I’m really pleased because I love reading and writing poetry, and this gives me the confidence to write more within this incredible medium.”

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