Mavericks Storm Entertainment launches a new video editing platform called Parrot Video ( with a partnership with Adobe Stock (

Parrot Video empowers companies and influencers to boost their video production frequency and quality, by letting them upload raw images and video clips to our platform, to then customise their visual and technical requirements, and then hand over to our senior editors and storytellers to edit a narrative video within 48 hours, and all at an affordable and transparent price.

Adobe were impressed with founder Mono Ghose and his company Mavericks’ 13 year pedigree in the video marketing industry, and client list (Clarks, O2, Apple, Adidas, Unilever, Selfridges) - and were keen to partner with his new startup Parrot Video.

Founder and Storyteller Mono Ghose said,

Some clients have all their assets ready to upload, but others need new or extra photos and video clips before ordering a video with us, so partnering with Adobe Stock, who have over 150 million assets in their content library makes business sense. It means any brand, with or without their own quality content, can come to our platform knowing they can get all the assets they need to make a professional brand video made by us.”

The innovative video editing service is available on desktop and mobile, and the platform and the Adobe partnership link can be viewed here: