We practice what we preach. We are true storytellers.

We hone our writing and directing skills inside the cinematic arena, in which we have won numerous award. Our in-house writer-director Mono Ghose, made the Oscar long list, and won the Golden Palm for Directing & Best Film in Mexico IFF. He was also the winner of best TV screenplay at Cinequest Festival in California, and we are regularly in the iTunes top ten for our critically-acclaimed short film Lost Bullets. ITV Sport recently acquired our short narrative documentary Corner Kings, and the British Film Institute, in early 2018, commissioned Mono to write a feature length film script Night Run.

This section below showcases Mono Ghose’s visionary films and documentaries all developed and produced at Mavericks.

Lost Bullets - Short Film Trailer

Oscar long-listed short film, written and directed by Mono Ghose and filmed in Colombia about three orphans growing up during the drug war. Winner of Best Film and Golden Palm for directing at Mexico International Film Festival and with 10 Official Selections at leading festivals around the world, it is currently being developed into a feature film. Check out the trailer on the button below where you can find a link to the iTunes store to watch the full short film.

Corner Kings - ITV Documentary

ITV Sport distributed Corner Kings, a short 15 minute documentary directed by Mono Ghose and produced by Mavericks. Many boxing shows focus on the fighter, this is the story about the man behind the fighter. With renowned corner man Paddy Fitzpatrick, featuring George Groves and rising prospect Luke Watkins. The TV series is now in development.

Night Run - BFI Feature Film Teaser

Teaser scene, for the forthcoming feature film thriller Night Run, written and directed by Mono Ghose with the support of BFI/Creative England - who awarded Mono and Mavericks a feature film development award in 2018. The story centres on the subject of refugees and a changing British identity. Starring rising star Kirk Newmann. Shot in Manchester, on the RED WEAPON in 8K.

The Henchman - Short Film Trailer

One for the fans of action movies and fantasy video games and RPGs. This is the trailer for the Action/Martial Arts short film “The Henchman” (which you can see in full if you scroll down). Written, Directed and co-fight choreographed by Mono Ghose, based on the true story of a legendary Samurai warrior trying to break his lifelong oath of service to his master. Starring James Adler and John Macdonald. DOP Rupert Hornstein. Edited by Martin Macdonald. Graded by Alex Gregory at The Mill. Shot on RED EPIC with Schneider prime lenses.

William Shakespeare’s - ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’

A short film directed by Mono Ghose, and produced by John Macdonald. Based on Act 1, Scene 1 from one of William Shakespeare's earliest comedy plays, The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Starring John Macdonald as Valentine and Alex Shenton as Proteus.  Shot on ARRI Alexa 65 with Lomo anamorphic prime lenses, on location in Surrey, England. You may notice that the director was inspired by the vibrant colours and homely tone of The Lord of the Rings films style of filming the ‘Shire’.

Bump - Short Film

Critically-acclaimed spy-thriller short film written and directed by Mono Ghose, produced by Mavericks. Described as 'Homeland' meets 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ and starring 24's Akbar Kurtha and Jack Ryan's Kirk Newmann. Shot on the C300 Mark 2 and graded at The Mill, London. About two strangers who meet at a train station in England. If you like British spy novels and contained-thrillers, you might enjoy this one.

The Henchman - Short Film

Short Film inspired by director Mono Ghose’s love for arty action films like John Wick and Hero, as well as video game fantasy action-RPGs like Shadow of Mordor and The Witcher. The short film is based on true Samurai mythology where a Samurai must find a suitable replacement by challenging the best fighters in the land. Set in England in the near future; after a bloody civil war the Kingdom has been divided into feuding city states. Each City is now run by a powerful Overlord and protected by a master Henchman: an elite warrior who has pledged an oath of lifelong service to the Overlord. When Aden, a legendary Henchman, wants out from his ruthless boss, the only way is to find a worthy replacement...and so his journey begins. We have now developed the short film into a feature film script, so please subscribe if you want to keep abreast of its development.

Click below to watch the film - be aware, it gets pretty violent!

The Dark

Mono Ghose and Mavericks were commissioned by SVT Sweden, the national broadcaster and Swedish equivalent of the BBC, to write a UK-Nordic cyber-crime and Netflix style limited series. After writing the pilot script, Mavericks produced this TV pilot promo to visualise the project. The script for the promo was written and directed by Mono Ghose and translated into Swedish. Mono said, “it was fun directing a project in Swedish, and although I don’t speak the language, it meant I focused more on the actor’s performances and their ‘truth’ than on their vocal content, which was a tip well-learned for future films of mine”. Starring up-and-coming rising star Carl Anders Stjernlof and shot in Stockholm, Sweden on the SONY F5 (which we think is an underrated camera that is excellent and gives a beautiful cinematic look if well utilised).

Snow Rider - Graphic Novel Trailer

Animated graphic novel style teaser trailer for global film and gaming franchise developed in-house by Mavericks. The story centres on a young female snowboarder fighting through a haunted mountain to save her little brother. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the development of the project.