The Henchman - Short Film (10 minutes)

Written & Directed by Mono Ghose

Starring James Adler and John Macdonald

Genre: Action/Martial Arts/Fantasy

Short Film inspired by director Mono Ghose’s love for arty action films like John Wick and Hero, as well as video game fantasy action-RPGs like Shadow of Mordor and The Witcher. The short film is based on true Samurai mythology where a Samurai must find a suitable replacement by challenging the best fighters in the land. Set in England in the near future; after a bloody civil war the Kingdom has been divided into feuding city states. Each City is now run by a powerful Overlord and protected by a master Henchman: an elite warrior who has pledged an oath of lifelong service to the Overlord. When Aden, a legendary Henchman, wants out from his ruthless boss, the only way is to find a worthy replacement...and so his journey begins. We have now developed the short film into a feature film script, so please subscribe if you want to keep abreast of its development.