Who Are We

Mavericks Storm Entertainment is an award-winning story development and film production company specialising in brand storytelling.

Based in London, UK and founded in 2006 by Oscar long-listed British writer-director Mono Ghose, Mavericks is a full-service boutique film production company that writes, directs, produces and edits carefully scripted commercials, films and video content marketing for brands and agencies.

We have over thirteen-years experience successfully delivering client’s projects from blank page to screen, or using our expertise for editing or directing-only projects. We specialise in high-quality, responsive video content marketing for social media such as, Facebook Ads, YouTube videos, LinkedIn video marketing, and Instagram videos and Stories.

For each and every project that we take on, we have a simple story-first philosophy and believe in telling better stories and growing our client’s brands and audiences through impactful storytelling.

Our Clients

Featured Work


Commercial written and directed by Mono Ghose, about accepting the losses in sports and life to become a champion. Starring pro-boxer Luke “The Duke” Watkins.


Mavericks create a fun and social, marketing video for Clarks - highlighting their successes from 2018 such as partnering with Black Panther & Land Rover.


Commercial written and directed by Mono Ghose, about a female scientist and founder’s journey in finding out the why in ‘why we do what we do’


“Mono Ghose is a visionary storyteller and film director and working with him is a serene and seamless experience from start to finish. His great skill lies in a rare ability to mold multiple creative inputs into cohesive structures and build consensus among disparate viewpoints.”
“Excellent work and on time, as always. The videos have been really well received. Thank you!”



We write original scripts, hooks and characters, or help to develop a client’s existing creative ideas into polished scripts ready for production. We constantly iterate on the scripts until our clients are happy and the story is ready to be filmed.

Editing And Post Production

Whether we shot the film or it was made externally, we can edit client’s videos or stills footage into narrative driven stories. We are used to working to fast-paced or last-minute deadlines and in providing multiple feedback rounds until we tell a perfect story.

Motion Graphics

For clients who want to animate their logos and titles, and push the boundaries of 3D typography and illustration, we offer world-class motion-graphics animation design and production to take a film and brand message to the next level.

DIRECTING & Film Production

Our award-winning in-house directors and producers make the story come alive. We plan, budget, produce and direct the film, arranging all of the crew, camera, lighting and sound equipment - as well as handling the schedule, talent and financial logistics.

Music And Sound Design

We have deep expertise helping clients find their perfect music score, either by using our leading composers or with a great licensed track. We offer industry-leading sound design to ensure the film has the highest level of audio quality.


For clients telling stories within immersive animated worlds, we create colourful and creative animated characters and backgrounds, and anything else from your imagination. Our industry-leading team have worked with Pixar and use state-of-the-art technology.