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Hello, I'm Mono Ghose and I am a storyteller from south London and welcome you to my blog and narrative space.

I am an award-winning published writer with a narrative game recently released worldwide on the Apple Store. I've also written an Oscar long-listed script that was produced, won a development award from the BFI and subsequently had the script optioned by a Hollywood producer, won Best Screenplay at Cinequest Film Festival, and created a critically acclaimed ITV documentary.

I write across games, brand storytelling, film & television, novels, serialised fiction, non-fiction editorial and poetry. I regularly work on a freelance basis for game companies, large brands and film and television producers.

In the gaming world, I have been part of a writer's room at a successful games company and worked with lead narrative writers, co-writers, game designers and producers to develop a new game IP. I am a keen gamer and have started writing a game-inspired fictional serial and regular game articles you can read here on my blog.

Here you can also read my non-fiction articles on brand storytelling, writing and directing tips, video game and book articles, poems, comics and film and TV script samples.

If you would like to enquire about my writing services or regarding hiring me for a potential commission please email me directly:

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Please do not copy, reproduce or publish any of my work, in whole or in part, without my express written permission. Failure to do so would constitute a copyright infringement.

I am an active social media user, so please feel free to repost any of my published work on your social media provided you both reference (a) the original webpage you are posting from and (b) reference the author at all times using the title and name “Writer, Mono Ghose” and linking the following two social media profiles: Instagram (mono_g9) and Twitter (@MonoGhose)