The Dark - Teaser Scene

Mono Ghose and Mavericks were commissioned by SVT Sweden, the national broadcaster and Swedish equivalent of the BBC, to write a UK-Nordic cyber-crime thriller Netflix style limited series. After writing the pilot script, Mavericks produced this TV pilot promo to visualise the project. The script for the promo was written and directed by Mono Ghose and translated into Swedish. Mono said, “it was fun directing a project in Swedish, and although I don’t speak the language, it meant I focused more on the actor’s performances and ‘truth’ than on their vocal content, which was a tip well-learned for future films of mine. Starring up-and-coming rising star Carl Anders Stjernlof and shot in Stockholm, Sweden on the SONY F5 (which we think is an underrated camera that is excellent and gives a beautiful cinematic look if well utilised).