Pot Noodle - Online Video Content

Mavericks Storm Entertainment was commissioned by advertising agency HeyHuman, for client Pot Noodle/Unilever, to produce and for Mono Ghose to direct a big budget live-action comedy campaign of 3 x 60” online ads.


The hero commercial was filmed with Mono’s long time collaborator and leading Wizzo DOP Luke Palmer. We helped the agency cast professional actors who worked off the original agency script in an overt humour style to promote the cheeky and youth orientated Pot Noodle brand. The ad was successful, reached millions of people across social media channels and had a high share rate.


The HeyHuman account team, Alex Michael, Rose Bartel and Amy Wolford, and the creative team, worked closely with Mono during the development of the 3 scripts right until we had a shot list and storyboard. Mavericks created a budget, schedule and production plan - and handled the casting for the agency. We auditioned many people, including some quite strange performers!

Mavericks secured a green screen studio, where we shot the hero ad in one day. Mono worked with the actors and with the DOP Luke Palmer, and animation director from Blue Zoo Animation, Tom Box. Mono also balanced working with the client and agency who were on set at all times. On the second day, we shot the second and third films which were interactive clickable videos, and which you can see online here: Film One and Film Two


We edited and graded the film in-house, and Mono worked with Blue Zoo to create the background animation. We scored the music using one of Mavericks’ composers who lives and works in Hollywood on big budget movies, so we were delighted to bring such a talented team to work on the campaign. We delivered all the assets to the client ahead of time, with only a few feedback rounds before the campaign went live.

The videos have done really well - getting over a million shares and engagements with social media users across Facebook and YouTube